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[Sound of Sleat - book cover]
The Sound of Sleat: A Painter's Life, edited by Magda Salvesen and Diane Cousineau, was published by Picador USA in March 1999.
Hardcover, 359 pp., 16 pages color and 32 b&w photos. ISBN 0-312-20015-3. $30 US, £20 UK.
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"Over nearly thirty years, as he painted, Schueler worked on this book. In it, he struggled to uncover what it was that drove him to paint and wrestled with a conflict that confronts all artists ... "
The Atlantic Monthly, May 1999, (near bottom of the page).
"It is an amazing, totally peculiar piece of work. It may be the best thing ever written about the workings of a painter's mind and eye."
(If not found, try a search at The Atlantic Monthly website.)
" ... an astonishing window on art, hope, despair, and creativity."
The New York Times, Feb. 25, 1999
" ... with cumulative power the entries explain the remarkable experience Schueler underwent upon his arrival at the Sound of Sleat, ..."
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The New York Observer, March 15, 1999 by Daniel Kunitz
"Two Roads Diverged: Guess Which One Warhol Took"
The San Juan Star, Monday, March 15, 1999 by Gerald Guinness
"Schueler emerges warts and all in new book"
Baltimore City Paper, April 7, 1999.
"Creative Chaos: Sleat Paints a Portrait of the Artist as a Man at War With Himself"
Kirkus Reviews
"The wild, stormy weather of Scotland's West Coast mirrored his own emotional struggle: insecure and ambitious, driven and desiring, Schueler ricocheted between countries, dealers, and women."
The Herald, June 7, 1999
"A paean to fierce beauty," review by Clare Henry.
"Schueler's self-portrait illuminates the reality of an artist's daily grind of finding a studio, a dealer, enough to pay the bills. He also gives a vivid account of his inner life: the struggles with his pictures, his book, himself."
Scotland, Sunday, March 12, 2000
"The Sound of clouds moving," review by Philip Hobsbaum.
"...a fascinating story emerges."
The Art Newspaper, International Edition, September 2000
" Abstract Expressionism in the Hebrides," review by Clare Henry.
The Art Books, Volume 7, Issue 4, September 2000,
Review by Victoria Keller.
"This book is a real pleasure to read as Schueler writes beautifully..."