Jon Schueler (1916-1992) – Artist

When I speak of nature, I speak of the sky, because the sky has become all of nature to me. But it is most particularly the brooding, storm-ridden sky over the Sound of Sleat in which I find the living image of past dreams, dreams which had emerged from memory and the swirl of paint. Here I can see the drama of nature charged and compressed. Lands form, seas disappear, worlds fragment, colors merge or give birth to burning shapes, mountain snows show emerald green. Or, for a long moment, life stops still when the gales pause and the sky clears after long days of careening sound and horizontal rain or snow.

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Current Group Shows

Living in the Moment of Abstract Art
[February Blues]

February Blues
oil on canvas 1985
36 x 32 in/91.44 x 81.28 cm
o/c 1463

May 16-September 7, 2024
Opening May 16, 6-8 pm
Anita Shapolsky Gallery, 152 E, 65th Street, New York, NY
Press Release

The Making of a Museum: 50 Years
[Red Snow Cloud and the Sun]

Red Snow Cloud and the Sun
oil on canvas 1958
66 x 79 in/63.5 x 145 cm
o/c 58-7

The Neuberger Museum of Art, SUNY Purchase
From January 24, 2024 and for the foreseeable future
One of the two Schuelers bought by Roy Neuberger is included.

Two Schueler Paintings Included in: Shifting Vistas: 150 Years of Scottish Landscape
[Shifting Vistas]

Light: Island and Sea, I, 1971, o/c 131

Light: Island and Sea, III, 1971, o/c 132

June 24, 2023 to June 2, 2024
City Art Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland
Photos courtesy of the CAC
Lecture on Jon Schueler by Dr. Joe Boyd, Feb. 16, 2024, at 2 pm, Jon Schueler’s Paintings: An Encounter with Scotland

Upcoming Group Shows

XX Aniversary Exhibition

oil on canvas 1974
36 x 32 in/91.44 x 81.28 cm
o/c 481

Resipole Studios Fine Art Gallery, Acharacle, Scotland
June 30-August 4, 2024
Opening June 30, 2-5 pm

Hamptons Fine Art Fair
[Cancelled Dreams]

Cancelled Dreams
oil on canvas 1988
48 x 36 in/121.92 x 91.44 cm
o/c 1529

Hamptons Fine Art Fair, Southampton, NY
July 11-14, 2024
Projects 28

Lens and Canvas: Catharsis from World War II
Exhibition curated by Laura Whitcomb
Accompanying book (Norfolk Press)
Still in the planning stage

Spring/Summer 2024 NEWS for Jon Schueler is available here.

Press Release

Republication by the Jon Schueler Foundation of The Sound of Sleat: A Painter's Life by Jon Schueler
[The Sound of Sleat]

The Sound of Sleat
Download Press Release

[Jon Schueler with manuscript, Romasaig, Mallaig]

Jon Schueler with manuscript, Romasaig, Mallaig
Download Press Release

Download Press Release (format: .docx, size: 400.9kB)

Recent Duo Exhibition

Clouds & Horizons: Jon Schueler and Martyn Brewster
[Jon Schueler, Untitled]

Jon Schueler, Untitled
oil on canvas 1956
60 x 50 in/152.4 x 127 cm
o/c 56-35

Clouds & Horizons, paintings by Jon Schueler & Martyn Brewster, Modern Fine Art, New York, 15 East 76th Street, New York, NY 10021, T: (212) 717-9100,
Monday - Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm
16 November -15 December 2023 Exhibition catalogue, list of all artworks in the show and inquiries, please click HERE.

Recent Solo Shows

Lost Man Blues: Jon Schueler—Art and War
[Lost Man Blues]

Lost Man Blues
oil on canvas 1988
18 x 16 in/45.72 x 40.64 cm
o/c 1549

National Veterans Memorial and Museum, Columbus, OH
Jan.12-May 12, 2024
Click here to scroll down to the video A Virtual Talk with Curator, Marissa Roth
Jon Schueler: Sing Blues in Grey
Eton College, Windsor, UK: The Drawing Schools
Sept. 28 -- Nov. 5, 2023 Open to the General Public Sat. and Sun. 2.30- 5.30 pm
Curated by Diana Ewer for the Jon Schueler Foundation
For a list of all artworks in the show and interest in specific works please click HERE.
[Sing Blues in Grey: Reflection]

Sing Blues in Grey: Reflection
oil on canvas 1975
63 x 70in/160 x 178 cm
o/c 634

[Light Over Skye]

Light Over Skye
oil on canvas 1983
72 x 65in/183 x 165cm
o/c 1343

Coming up for Air: An Exhibition of Paintings by Jon Schueler
Waterhouse & Dodd, 16 Savile Row, London W1S 3PL. Tel. +44 (0) 20 7734 7800
Sept. 30—Oct. 28, 2022
[Storm: Loch Eishort]

Storm: Loch Eishort
oil on canvas 1968
35 x 28 in/88.9 x 71.12 cm
o/c 68-22

[Blue Sound]

Blue Sound
oil on canvas 1983-87
24 x 20 in/60.96 x 50.8 cm
o/c 1374

Jon Schueler: Reflections on the Sound of Sleat
The Caledonian Club, 9 Halkin Street, London SW1X 7DR. Tel: 020 7235 5162
Sept. 29—Nov. 4, 2022     extended now until Nov17.
[The Search: Summer Sky, Black]

The Search: Summer Sky, Black
oil on canvas 1981
36 x 44 in/91.44 x 111.76 cm
o/c 1152

[November '81]

November '81
oil on canvas 1981
60 x 52 in/152.4 x 132.08 cm
o/c 1215

Jon Schueler: Light in Process [Grey Snow Cloud]

Grey Snow Cloud
oil on canvas 1960
32 x 40 in/81.28 x 101.6 cm
o/c 60-6

University of Wyoming Art Gallery, Laramie, WY
March 12-June 4, 2022

Recent Group Shows

Divergent Paths: Ernest Briggs and Jon Schueler
[December ’68]

December ’68
oil on canvas 1968
71 x 76 ½ in/ 180 x 194 cm
o/c 68-4

Anita Shapolsky Gallery, 152 E. 65th Street, New York 10065
April 6-June 3, 2023. Extended through July 8th, 2023.
Link to Press Release

London Art Fair 2022, April 21-24th., Business Design Centre, Islington, UK
Waterhouse & Dodd Booth
[Look into Red]

Look into Red
oil on canvas
Scotland, 1988
24 x 28 in/60.96 x 71.12 cm
o/c 1553

[Yellow Sky, Romasaig]

Yellow Sky, Romasaig
oil on canvas
Scotland, 1989
12 x 16 in/30.48 x 40.64 cm
o/c 1622

[Red Sky Romasaig]

Red Sky Romasaig
oil on canvas
Scotland, 1989
12 x 16 in/30.48 x 40.64 cm
o/c 1623

The Anita Shapolsky Gallery, New York presents:
[Night Sun]

Night Sun
A/P lithograph 1962
22 x 17 inches

Salon Du Papier
Featuring over 50 works on paper by acclaimed mid-20th-century avant-garde artists, including Jon Schueler.
January 17 - April 2, 2022

Newly Published Book

Strategy: Get Arts [Strategy: Get Arts cover]

Strategy: Get Arts cover

35 Artists Who Broke the Rules
by Christian Weikop
See pp.56-79 Art Education, Joeph Beuys, and Jon Schueler
[open article: pdf, 55MB]

PhD Doctoral Candidate, University of St Andrews

Lecture on Jon Schueler by Joe Boyd [Jo Boyd]

Jo Boyd

Joe Boyds's thesis (for the summer of 2023) is titled Steeped in Place. Encountering Scotland in Paintings of the Sea. At least half of it will address Jon Schueler's work and thought.
University of Lincoln, UK
Doctoral Conference, Feb. 23, 2022
[open video: mp4, 360MB]

Two new 4 minute films

By Max Woertendyke
[Flora Biddle on Jon Schueler]
Flora Biddle on Jon Schueler
[open video: m4v, 183MB]

[Flora Biddle on Jon Schueler]
BH Friedman on Jon Schueler
[open video: m4v, 124MB]

Solo Touring Exhibition

Lost Man Blues: Jon Schueler - Art and War [Lost Man Blues]

Lost Man Blues
oil on canvas 1988
18 x 16 inches o/c 1549

Curated by Marissa Roth, this exhibition tours through 2023.
The next showing is at the National Veterans Memorial and Museum, Columbus, OH from Sept 15, 2023 to Feb. 12, 2024
For bookings and information, please contact The Jon Schueler Estate.
Brochure and Proposal

Lost Man Blues: A Virtual Talk with Curator, Marissa Roth

Installation Photos from Fort Wayne Museum of Art, IN, March 27-June 13, 2021
[Lost Man Blues: Jon Schueler - Art and War] [Lost Man Blues: Jon Schueler - Art and War]

[Lost Man Blues: Jon Schueler - Art and War] [Lost Man Blues: Jon Schueler - Art and War]
[Lost Man Blues: Jon Schueler - Art and War] [Lost Man Blues: Jon Schueler - Art and War]

Online Exhibition

Jon Schueler and Artists Who Painted the West Coast of Scotland, curated by Victoria Keller is now available for viewing on the Art UK site:

[A Yellow Sun]

A Yellow Sun
oil on canvas Arcueil, France, 1958
79 x 73 in/200.66 x 185.42 cm
o/c 58-55
National Galleries of Scotland


oil on canvas Romasaig, Scotland, 1973
32 x 36 in/81.28 x 91.44 cm
o/c 337
West Highland Museum

Former Group Shows

Precious Gems
[Two Small Red Schuelers from 1990]

Two Small Red Schuelers from 1990
8 x 10 inches
with Amaranth Ehrenhalt and Seymour Boardman (left), and Michiko Itatani (right)

February 6, 2021 - May 1, 2021,
Anita Shapolsky Gallery, New York

Waterhouse & Dodd
15 East 76th Street, New York
Dec. 1, 2020--Jan. 11, 2021
Modern and Postwar Art
Click here for online catalog

[Summer Sea]

Summer Sea
oil on canvas 1956
18 x 24 in/45.72 x 60.96 cm
o/c 56-33


oil on canvas 1956
23 x 35 in/58.42 x 88.9 cm
o/c 56-12

Latest Museum Acquisitions

[Fairfield University Art Museum]
Fairfield University Art Museum, Fairfield, CT

From left to right:
o/c 62-5 Morning and the Sea, 1962, 35 x 48 in/88.9 x 121.92 cm
dr.61-51 Landscape: Deep, c.1961, 19 x 23 3/4 in/48.26 x 60.33 cm, crayon/pastel/ink
o/c 68-20 Loch Eishort: Summer Memory, 1968, 40 x 52/101.6 x 132.08 cm

[Sea Island Waiting]

Sea Island Waiting
oil on canvas New York, 1978
36 x 60 inches / 91.44 x 152.4cm o/c 894

Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne IN

[Weathering I]

Weathering I
oil on canvas 1989
10 x 12 inches / 35.4 x 30.48cm o/c 1596

Hunterian Art Gallery, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Gift of Phillip Bruno

Past Art Fairs

Waterhouse & Dodd showed 4 Jon Schueler paintings at Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, West Palm Beach, January 9-12, 2020. Booth 430
[April Sky]

April Sky
oil on canvas New York, 1963
56 x 70 in/142.24 x 177.8 cm
o/c 63-17


oil on canvas New York, 1962
54 x 72 in/137.16 x 182.88 cm
o/c 62-14

Waterhouse & Dodd showed 6 Jon Schueler paintings at the London Art Fair, UK,
January 22-26, 2020, Booth 33.
[Sound Memory]

Sound Memory
oil on canvas Romasaig, Scotland, 1974
36 x 32 in/91.44 x 81.28 cm
o/c 481

[Mood with Magda: Blues and Greys]

Mood with Magda: Blues and Greys
oil on canvas Romasaig, Scotland, 1974
30 x 36 in/76.2 x 91.44 cm
o/c 442

Latest Publication

[Schueler in The Poetics of Space and Place in Scottish_Literature]
The essay by Mary Ann Caws, Jon Schueler (1916-1992): Intensity and Identity (with 13 illustrations), has been published in The Poetics of Space and Place in Scottish Literature, Palgrave Macmillan, 2019, edited by Monika Szuba and Julian Wolfreys

Recent Solo Show

Jon Schueler (1916-1992): Skyscapes [Separate Ways: Storm and Sea]

Separate Ways: Storm and Sea
oil on canvas 1975
48 x 44 inches o/c 608

Waterhouse & Dodd
47 Albemarle Street
London WIS 4JW
June 18-July 12, 2019
Opening, June 18, 6-8pm
Special Friday late opening, June 28, 6-8pm
Special Saturday opening, June 29,11am-5pm
Special Sunday opening, June 30, 11am to 5pm

Recent Acquisitions


oil on canvas 1955
54 x 60 inches / 137 x 152cm o/c 55-6

Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
[Sun Clouds]

Sun Clouds
oil on canvas 1956
23 x 36 inches / 58 x 91cm o/c 56-4

Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, New York
[September Blues]

September Blues
oil on canvas 1976
18 x 24 inches / 75 x 61cm o/c 812

Grey Art Gallery, New York University, New York, NY

oil on canvas 1977
30 x 36 inches / 76 x 92cm o/c 832

University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford. CT
[To What End Does This Achieve?]

To What End Does This Achieve?
oil on canvas 1987
44 x 66 inches o/c 1510

Eskenazi Museum of Art, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

watercolor on canvas 1978
6 1/2 x 10 inches w/c 398

Mills College, Oakland, CA

oil on paper 1959
20 x 26 1/4 inches o/p 59-10

de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara, CA
[Storm: Red Shadow Over Sleat, II]

Storm: Red Shadow Over Sleat, II
oil on canvas 1974-75
52 x 60 inches o/c 568

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA

Recent Group Exhibitions view more

BLUE [Magda's Blues: II]

Magda's Blues: II
oil on canvas New York, 1979
79 x 120 in/200.66 x 304.8 cm o/c 1023
Jon Schueler Estate

Nassau County Museum of Art. Reopening July 2020 until November 1, 2020

The entire museum has been turned over to the multi-media exploration of blue in many incarnations. It spans history and geography, from the precious lapis lazuli of antiquity to paintings, photographs, sculpture, ceramics, cyanotypes, and fashion. As Miró said, "This is the color of my dreams."

[Evening Landscape]

Evening Landscape
oil on canvas 1956
20 x 26 inches / 51 x 66 cm o/c 56-21

Masterpiece London Art Fair
June 27-July 3, 2019
Visit the Waterhouse & Dodd, booth #A11, to see some Schueler paintings
[Grey and Yesterday's Blues]

Grey and Yesterday's Blues
oil on canvas 1985
36 x 30 inches / 91.5 x 76 cm o/c 1459

[Light and Grey Clearings]

Light and Grey Clearings
oil on canvas 1984
16 x 20 inches / 40.5 x 50 cm o/c 1419

Lewellen Galleries, Santa Fe
25 years of Collecting: The UW Art Museum Collection [The Sea is Red]

The Sea is Red
oil on canvas 1958
67 x 72 inches o/c 58-44

[North to Ornsay]

North to Ornsay
oil on canvas 1979
60 x 73 inches o/c 994

The University of Wyoming Museum of Art at Laramie, WY has included two of its Jon Schueler paintings in:
25 years of Collecting: The UW Art Museum Collection
July 28, 2018 - Jan. 26, 2019
American Masters 1940-1980 [The First Day]

The First Day
oil on canvas New York 1956
48 x 90 inches o/c 56-30

The National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
24 Aug - 11 Nov 2018
This exhibition examines how a generation of young Americans challenged local traditions and reinvented modern art.
[Turbulence I]

Turbulence I
oil on canvas 1958
28 x 35 inches o/c 56-28

The Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn, NY is using its Jon Schueler oil, Turbulence I, 1958, 28" x 35" (o/c 56-28) as part of the exhibition Master Class: Hans Hofmann. Other artists include Lee Krasner, Wolf Kahn, Helen Frankenthaler and Fritz Bultman.
January 27 - June 3, 2018

oil on canvas 1974
36 x 32 inches o/c 481

Chris Clifford and Stephen McCoubrey open a new gallery CCASM MODERN & CONTEMPORARY on the island of Jersey, off the coast of England. The opening exhibition, September 15 -November 3, 2017, showcases Jon Schueler, Helen Frankenthaler, Sam Francis and Robert Motherwell, with a small survey of Henri Matisse prints, 1920s to 1950s.
[Loch Scavaig]

Loch Scavaig
oil on canvas 1957
35 1/4 x 57 1/4 inches o/c 57-37

Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA
A Schueler is included in Diebenkorn's Circle: Paintings by Abstract Expressionists of the California School of Fine Arts and Beyond,
Oct 8, 2017-January 7, 2018

[Schueler at the Crocker]

Art of Our Time [Winter Sunday]

Winter Sunday
oil on canvas 1958
80 x 71 inches o/c 58-5

Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, FL
Nov 4, 2016 - Oct 1, 2017
Out of the Frame [Storm at Sea Remembered]

Storm at Sea Remembered
oil on canvas 1974
69 x 76 inches o/c 531

The McManus, Dundee City Art Gallery, Scotland
November 3, 2016 to May 28, 2017
Selections from the Collection [Untitled]

oil on canvas 1950
44 x 48 inches o/c 68-11

Turtle Bay Museum of Art, Redding, CA
October 1, 2016-January 15, 2017
A centenary display of the museum's two watercolors [Two watercolors]

Two watercolors
watercolor on paper 1972
11 3/4 x 15 5/8 inches (left) 11 1/2 x 15 1/2 inches (right) w/c 84 (left), w/c 85 (right)

Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, WI
November 3-December 30, 2016
Oversized: Contemporary Art from the Collection & New Acquisitions: The Museum Collection [The Sea is Red]

The Sea is Red
oil on canvas 1958
67 x 72 inches o/c 330

University of Wyoming Art Gallery, Laramie, WY
May 28-August 20, 2016
Gesture: Expression in Modern Art [Reflection]

oil on canvas 1973
70 x 63 inches o/c 330

Paisley Museum and Art Galleries, Scotland
July 16-September 26, 2016
CLOUDS, TEMPORARILY VISIBLE [Sleat Remembered: Light, I]

Sleat Remembered: Light, I
76 x 69 inches o/c 393

JANUARY 30-MAY 22, 2016

Ongoing Group Shows

Boundless Visions [The Sound of Sleat: Echo, I]

The Sound of Sleat: Echo, I
oil on canvas 1975
40 x 48 inches o/c 635

Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, Montana
August 22, 2012 onwards

Recent One-person Exhibitions view more

Jon Schueler: Sky as Landscape [Summer Blues]

Summer Blues
oil on canvas 1981
69 x 76 inches o/c 1191

LewAllen Galleries, Santa Fe, NM
August 31-September 29, 2018
Reception August 31, 2018
The 19 Jon Schueler Oils in the Collection [Grey Snow Cloud]

Grey Snow Cloud
oil on canvas 1960
32 x 40 inches o/c 60-6

University of Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie, WY
July 1-Sept 9, 2017
Jon Schueler: Weathering Skies [Winter Storm]

Winter Storm
watercolor on paper 1968
5 1/4 x 6 3/4 inches w/c 68-64

University of Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie, WY
April 1-June 24, 2017.
Reception June 2, 2017
Jon Schueler: The Women Paintings of the 60s [Phyllis]

oil on canvas 1965
63 x 68 inches o/c 65-7

Berry Campbell, New York
November 17-December 23, 2016
Berry Campbell
530 West 24th Street, New York 10011
tel. 212-924-2178
Opening reception: Thursday, November 17, 6-8pm


Monograph – Jon Schueler: To the North [To the North - book cover]
Essays by Gerald Nordland and Richard Ingleby.
Merrell, October 2002.
ISBN 1 85894-177-6.
128 pages, 132 illustrations, 108 in color.
Price : £25, $35. paperback/flaps.
Email: More...
Available at local bookstores in the US and UK and online at: or (USA)'s Bookstore (UK)


[Sound of Sleat - book cover] The Sound of Sleat: A Painter's Life,
Edited by Magda Salvesen and Diane Cousineau
Published by Picador USA, March 1999.

Hardcover, 359 pp.
16 pages color and 32 b&w photos.
ISBN 0-312-20015-3
$30 US, £20 UK.

"It is an amazing, totally peculiar piece of work. It may be the best thing ever written about the workings of a painter's mind and eye."
— The Atlantic Monthly, May 1999.
See more book reviews or the book index.

Videos and DVDs

"Jon Schueler: A Life in Painting"
An overview of his life and work. Made from archival and new material.
Winner of several awards.
More information on this and other videos on the Videos and DVDs page.